Music for videos, advertising, movies, TV series, mobile apps, etc.

Any style, both instrumental and sung, acoustic, electronica, rock, ambient, etc.

Own songs or covers by other artists.

Being a singer and multi-instrumentalist (drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, percussionist) and owning a studio, there is no need to hire session musicians nor engineers. Therefore, the orders will be fulfilled quickly and the price will be adjusted to your budget.

Any type of mixes, post-production and audio treatment.
Recording of voice-overs in any language.

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Vídeo: ProsperiKit - Take A Tour

Music written by Roger Gascon for ProsperiKit
All instruments played by Roger Gascon.
Voice-over by Steve Salazar.
Music and voice-over recorded, mixed and mastered by Roger Gascon at Bird with Vertigo studio.


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Rac1 Leticia Dolera La Lupa Produccions Avisual Concept Baula kApptive! ProsperiKit Ilustrum Produktia SomAtents Companyia de Teatre Estable de La Casa Real

Leticia Dolera "Feeling like home is essential to work with freedom and be creative. That is how I felt at Roger's studio working on the soundtrack for Requirements to be a normal person, my first movie. It was a pleasure to explore the sounds, rhythms and tempo for each scene together, with a cup of tea and good humour."
- Leticia Dolera, actress and director
ProsperiKit "Working with Roger is a great pleasure, thanks to his creativity, his ability to play infinite instruments, and his quality in arranging, mixing, etc. But above it all, he is very methodical and a truly great person."
- David Bertran, ProsperiKit / Success iBox
Avisual Concept "We have placed many orders to Roger. He has always adapted perfectly to the style we were looking for. And furthermore, he always meets the deadlines. A great professional!"
- Patricia Lallo, Avisual Concept
Baula "Working with Roger is a guarantee of a well-done job. We are very pleased with the work he has done for us (voiceovers, songs, auditory discrimination, mastering...), his constant meeting of the deadlines (even with short notice on our behalf) and, especially, with his kindness. We will obviously keep working with him."
- Marta Ramos, Baula
kApptive! "Roger contributes the essence and musical quality that we need for our productions."
- Gerard Martí, kApptive!

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